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PUROXX - cleaning box
Emma Hodgkinson
Bloomin brllliant!

PUROXX is so versatile…literally cleaned two bathrooms an oven a pair of old trainers that have come up like new and even cleaned all my skirting boards with it! Just wish there was more than one sponge and cloth in the set.

PUROXX - cleaning box
Janie Murison
Brilliant product

Easy to use and very effective. Wish I had found it years ago. Thoroughly recommend.

PUROXX - family box
Pauline Millward-Frater
Oven door. cleaned a treat

I used as directed - great results also cleaning white rubber plimsoles will have to see what else needs attention

For once I was really satisfied!

I have tried many different cleaning products and bought PURROX expecting to be disappointed again. It was my last try at cleaning my oven before resorting to a professional cleaner all I can say is Wow!!! I applied the PURROX and left it for an hour. And then with a minimal amount of effort and elbow grease I cleaned it off! I have never had so much pleasure from cleaning it was BRILLIANT!!! I will definitely be buying it again.

PUROXX - cleaning box
Anthony Sheard

Not had time to use it yet


I am so pleased with product it dose exactly what it says my shower cubicle would take me hours and sometimes not look good after 1 hour and sparkling clean and has lasted so well what was a job every few days is now once a week and on the oven fantastic will soon be ordering again

PUROXX - big box
Shirley Roche
Fab stuff

This is an amazing product. I'm a cleaner and I use it all the time definitely recommend 👌

Does everything that is stated about it.Makes cleaning so much easier


Great products will buy again

Great value box

Excellent cleaner, I use it for everything now. Especially good for showers, windows and all surfaces. Cleans trainers well too! It doesn’t irritate my skin as other cleaners do. Big box is good value, each tube lasts a long time I’ve even given one to my daughter!

PUROXX - starter box
Catherine McLaughlin

Just received it haven’t used yet so can’t give an honest view at present

Great product

Does exactly as it said. Cleaned my oven door in minutes. Also lifted old stains from some fabric which I couldn’t get out. Very pleased with this product

Wow, just wow

As I’m sure many people do, I took all the. claims made in thee adverts with a pinch of salt. Until I tried it. OMG what a product.. firs I tried it on my hob and then the glass in the oven door, stainless steel sink and draining board. I told my sister and my friend about it. I sent them photos. I even did a before and after picture of a frying pan base. They were so impressed,, we are sharing the big box and it looks like i’ll be ordering more before too long.

PUROXX - big box
Sandra Jaconelli

My box arrived good product 5 tubes but no eraser I would recommend this product very easy to use with good results

PUROXX - starter box
vickers annwen

PUROXX - starter box


Really like the box especially the stone I did use the paste stuff and left it on 1 hour but using the scouring pad would have taken ages as the glass on my oven was really bad but I used the stone and omg I can't believe it , I can see in my oven now lol

PUROXX - starter box
Angela Dowling

Used it recently for the first time. Absolutely genius. Ordering a bigger pack today.

PUROXX - big box
Sally Earth
So far so very good

It does what it says in the booklet and is as good as I was hoping for, even though it says it’s kind to the planet the ingredients are a secret so I’m slightly concerned that I don’t know WHAT I’m using and I’d always prefer to know so that I can make an informed choice. No smell, no skin reaction, no grime, useful for so many things, I just hope the product and producer keeps its credibility and doesn’t sell its interest for big bucks, survival is not about money, it’s about being honest and keeping things relative.

Excellent product

I purchased this last week and have used it on nearly everything! Wine and tomato stain came off a white top. Curry sauce stain easily vanished after using puroxx on a dress. Just dab on and put in the washing machine. Marvellous!
I will be ordering the big box soon.

PUROXX - starter box
Rachel Lynes

No awful smells after use. Really good this product


Definitely recommend. My shower screen, oven and hob have never looked so clean. Also, my partner trod some tar like stuff through the house, puroxx got it out no problem. An amazing all round cleaner.

PUROXX - cleaning box
Paul Matheson
Very very pleased

A little goes a long way,a very very effective and gentle way of cleaning

Arrived in good packaging with a brilliant usage info book

PUROXX - starter box
Ruth Hamilton
Great product

I really like this . It cleans well and doesn’t leave nasty residue .

PUROXX - cleaning box
Catherine Green

Lives up to the description . Makes cleaning easy and a pleasure.x